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Who We Are?

TUUDI is a customer-centric courier company that focuses on personal touches for customers at every step of the process. We offer highly competitive rates and an easy to use booking system that ensures our customers have a comfortable experience whenever they make use of our services.

TUUDI Parcel, a subsidiary company of TUUDI 3PL is a trusted courier company in Malaysia which focus service coverage area within Klang Valley. We offer Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, On-Demand Delivery, and Standard Courier (Outstation) services. Our riders send the parcel up to 5kg and the rate is as low as RM5.90. Sign up for free and enjoy our top-up packages now!

TUUDI 3PL, has begun to serve in the Fulfillment and Logistics industry since 2015. Knowledgeable and experienced staff draws an upward trend since the establishment of the company. Fulfilled the requirements of the quality standards and adopted the customer-oriented management approach.


To provide top quality personalized parcel delivery services to customers and to continuously improve based on feedback received from customers. We will strive to be trusted by every customer who leaves a parcel in our hands.


To connect people, businesses, and communities across the entirety of Malaysia and the surrounding Asian region using a world class logistical framework.

Customer Focused

It is our duty to put the customer first in our business as we have been entrusted to carry out their deliveries. Every customer is heard and considered in everything we do.

Flexibility of Conduct

Our customers have many needs and requirements, especially because we offer personalized courier services. Thus, the ability to be flexible with adjusting to what is required is crucial to how we can serve them.


We want people to trust us, and what better way to earn trust than to always maintain honesty and transparency with our customers.


Every success we achieve is because of the support our customers give us. We are only as good as our customers let us be. The more we listen to them the better we are. We recognize how we can be great, because we are always open to seeing our own flaws.


Knowing that your parcel arrives on time, knowing that it landed in the hands of a real person instead of being left at your front door to be found later. We’re taking care of your parcel every step of the way, that’s why you can rely on us to have it delivered the right way.

Why Choose Tuudi?

To put it simply, it’s because we care. We care to listen to the feedback you might have about our service. We care to take care of your parcels as if they were our own. The relationship we build with you doesn’t have to end after the first delivery, we would be proud to serve you on all your parcel delivery needs. With TUUDI, you can rest assured that we’re honest, humble, and reliable.

Company Review

  • We can deliver to a wide selection of areas to meet the needs of our customers across West Malaysia.
  • Simple and easy to use services, with no pesky paperwork. Just fill in an online form and we’ll handle the rest. It’s good for the environment too!
  • Our user interface is tried and tested, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience on trying to get what you want done as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
  • A personal touch to every delivery, each parcel is precious to us, we add a friendly little touch with a personalized consignment note every time to let you know that we care.
  • A company that is always improving thanks to a service review and rating system that allows our users to write about their experience with us. We’re always listening.
  • A dedicated support team is ready to answer any inquiries you might have so you’ll never be left in the dark.

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